Project Description

Welcome to my world: You haven’t reached the end of the internet, yet. You have reached a place where love for science and love for live coincide: It’s food and the culture of eating together! Food in all forms, colors, textures and tastes. And yes, I do not fear any adventurous bite whatsoever. So join my adventures and visit my Culinary Pillowbook!

My work takes me to many amazing places all around the world. As much as I love food I love meeting people. The easiest way to connect is to eat together. I’m deeply convinced that food is a form of cultural memory that embodies individual life stories as well as a cultural knowledge that covers generations. To understand this, you have to eat and talk.

I usually ask the people I meet to take me to their favorite places, restaurants they would never take tourists to or have me taste their most treasured childhood tastes. Many of my most beautiful memories are occasions of dining out in Chinese night markets, Korean fish markets, hidden Japanese seafood restaurants, tugged away Tuscan Osteria’s or Turkish mum food.

One might say I trust food more than words. That’s why I’m sharing here a few of my adventures. This is the beginning of a larger project which might come in words or moving images when the time is ripe. This project will be treated like a good wine: with time and love!