Project Description

Challenges of Future Civil Societies

I am convinced that philosophical knowledge is necessary to reflect the challenges of technological developments. Changing life-worlds come with changing politics and ethical problems. Philosophy is able to relate technological innovation with conceptual implications and historical practices. Dystopias of singularities and uploaded minds seem to block the view for the reality of technological developments. Question of automation, surveillances technologies and social robots are what needs to be discussed in our civil societies. Privacy, equality and social justice are at stake here. To understand the challenges we need to be ready to take the discussion into a broader context, were  politics, economics and science work together.


My take on the issue is all about understanding how we reflect ourselves in the technology we are building: What image of human or even posthuman life is embodied in the machines that shape working and living environments? Every device incorporates not only an image of human life but also values and norms of efficiency and smoothness. Those values are rarely reflected upon. They remain hidden behind the narrative of functionality. Functionality is never neutral. It shapes all relations and interactions amongst humans, technologies, animals and all the possible intertwinings.

In my work as advisor in technology, arts and media I aim at uncovering these hidden aspects of technology and their consequences for business cultures and new work environments. To date I have co-operated with the leading software developer SAP and innovation agencies (Key Values, Hamburg). The phenomenological dimension of embodied cognition is another important field. I have been consulting the coaching and personal training institute NEUN (Hamburg) on the philosophical concepts of body and mind, their historical development and contemporary neuroscientific framing.

Let’s Work Together


Please contact my for counseling in future of technology, ethics of AI and Big Data, culture change, automation and maschine learing. I also offer journalistic and scientific writing as conceptual advice in culture, arts and media. Looking forward to hearing from you!