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Abstract: The relation of human experience of time and technological time has become more and more complex with the ubiquity of digital technologies. In this paper, I use J.M.E. McTaggartʼs distinction between the two temporal structures of A-series (time as ordered by past, present and future) and the B-series (time as ordered by before-and-after-relations) to analyze the temporal characteristics of human time-consciousness and technological processe

s. I will show that neither technology can simply be subsumed under the label of serial time (B-series), nor can human experience of time be described purely in terms of qualitative experience of time as the A-series. Moreover, both sides have to be understood as existing in a deep entanglement of heterogeneous structures of time. This complex structure finds its expression in a diversity of theoretical positions on the entanglement of technology and time, which I want to discuss here.